Joying unit PX5 and OBD problem
(08-05-2019, 06:31 PM)Tapani Wrote:  Hi!
I haven't got any answer for my questions yet?
Have you forgotten me?
Regards Tapani

Please use our OBD and operate how you use the OBD2 on the video and send us for checking.
Please send
Ok, I' ll shoot the video how I try to pair the obd unit with bluetooth...
I'll send the video with we transfer. You will get a link for downloading.
I have just sent 4 videoclips for you ( of my Joying OBD pairing problems.
Regards Tapani

After checking the videos, here are some Questions:
1. Why does the pairing not turn to green and the bluetooth sign remains grey?
2. Why does the ODBLINK MX adapter work with Pad or Phone but not with Joying unit?
Obdlink adapters are not some cloned shit which I can get from China.These are proper adapters
3. Does Your unit work only with your psesific(cloned?) adapter model.
4. Could you suggest (test)some other adabters that really work with Joying units.
5. How could some other obd adapter companies like obdlink get to work together with you to solve the paring problems.
6. If android pads and phones works with multible odd adapters why not Joying?
7. Is Joying Company a real manufacturer with own technicians and technical support or are you just a seller between factory and customers?
8. Who does your mainboards if not you?