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Volume control via SPDIF? - Olli.D - 01-06-2020

Hello Joying friends,

i like to buy one with spdif output.
My amp has a spdif input.
Do you have the volume control with the Joying Unit?
I read yes, and no, as well...
Or does it depend of the unit?

Thank you for your information,

RE: Volume control via SPDIF? - Olli.D - 01-12-2020

Joying told me, is does not work.
But yes, it works!!!

I have a DSP with toslink input and used a chinese 10 Euro coax to toslink converter, that works like a charm!
The 5V (about 100mA) i steel from USB of the unit. This cable has the DAB+ as well, but together not more than 300mA.

RE: Volume control via SPDIF? - thierry34 - 01-13-2020

yes it work !! i have an external dsp with spdif connect between joying unit and dsp. i use joying unit volume control.

RE: Volume control via SPDIF? - Olli.D - 01-14-2020

Yes, i love it!

But... whe radio is on, no voice comes from google maps :-0
With RCA output it works.
With other apps parallel, it seems to work.
Have to try BT Telephon by the way...