6.2 Inch 8.1 32GB single din sleeve problem
(04-12-2019, 02:38 PM)BBoy2000 Wrote:  I installed a 6.2" single DIN Joying radio in this 1995 Dodge Van using a metra 70-1817 wiring adapter and 99-6000 adapter.
Functionally, all seems good, however the unit doesn't "latch" into the metal sleeve that came with the head unit which I found odd.
There are tabs that prevent the radio from going any further into the sleeve and if you pull on the unit it will just slide out.

Also, the screen when attached stands off from the dash way too far. I haven't found any reference to this type of problem and the only thing I can imagine that could be installed differntly is to "flip" the sleeve somehow which will require taking the dash apart. I can do this, but not really feeling like doing it unless that is something that will help? So far the unit seems great, but having it stand off from the dash 1-2" and being able to see the stand-offs/metal behind it isn't really that great.

any help is appreciated.

Could you please send the screen and head unit problems to our email support@joyingauto.com
If it is convenient,please also take some video or pictures for us checking your problems.

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