Adjust amp levels in UO135N4G

I upgraded to UO135N4G from UL135N2.

I had amp setting of Amp(ln) selected in older version. With N4G I can only select Amp on/off.

In my Chrysler 300C there is a factory external amp. With UL135N2 it worked ok.

With new model and Amp ON I get distortion and HU even goes black and app crashes with too much volume. I think the amplification is too much as an input for the external amp.

If I connect audio from line out plugs, there is not enough volume, but the volume button does work to control the eternal amp (I have a canbus box for this).

Is there a way to adjust the HU internal amplifier? Or can I increase the level in line outputs? Or is there another option to solve this?

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