Spotify (or Youtube,...) auto starts always, how to stop?
Ok, still the same issue persists.

I also now have Youtube opening every time the headunit wakes up from sleep (used to be Spotify).

What happened was this:

1) I installed another app that had a Youtube guide. The other app (Tasker) opened Youtube from within the app
2) Youtube showed the guide video (I did NOT make any tasker profile or task to open any app!)
3) Now, every time I turn on ignition, the head unit wakes from sleep and Youtube starts automatically (even if I close it and kill the process before sleep)

The problem is that this behaviour is VERY persistent. Even if I uninstall app, do factory reset and reinstall Joying software, the program will start automatically.
There are some settings that obviously are persistent and some that do not stick at all (e.g. Spotify - Waze integration).

Is there a way to do a COMPLETE reinstall so nothing is left behind?
Or can you fix the issue of these apps opening automatically?
Or can I manually edit the list of apps opening on startup?

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