Spotify (or Youtube,...) auto starts always, how to stop?
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(07-27-2019, 05:55 AM)admin Wrote:  We just let you test whether the Spotify or Youtube will not autostart if you do not install the Spotify or Youtube.
We have not said that you must stop installing these apps. my friend.

Ok, I did the following on my JY-UO135N4G:

1) Clear Spotify cache and data, then uninstall Spotify
2) Delete all data from Adroid / Data / directory
3) Reset Factory Defaults
4) Installed the new software from your link

Everything is ok, no software starts automatically

5) Installed Spotify

Still, nothing starts automatically

6) Start Spotify app

After this, Spotify will start every time I turn ignition on

7) Close Spotify app from the list of open apps
8) Close all apps

Still, Spotify will start

9) Reboot the HU

Spotify will not start, but Radio starts automatically

10) Start Spotify app and close it

Spotify will autostart on every ignition on.

- Even if Spotify is the only app installed, it will autostart
- Even if Soptify is killed before sleep, Spotify will autostart

If you read XDA forums and other messages here, you know that this is a common problem in your software.
We want to help you solve this, but it is not a configuration problem but a software development issue.

Really thanks for your cooperation and testing.
Could you please send this problems discussion link on the XDA? we want to have a check.


There is a long thread about this HU with Intel Airmont. On the middle of page 87 you can find the current list of known issues. That list is then discussed in further posts:

Iten number 3 on that list is: "Spotify, Youtube or any last program auto starts always"

On the No.87 page, we only see 1 person feedback that has these problems. but others reply all are not these problems.

what about this problem ? i have the same !!!!! youtube starts when i turn on joying unit !!! is it resolved with the new firmware ?

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