Potential customer with questions
Hello all, I have a 98 jeep Cherokee and believe I want the 8.8 single Din widescreen head unit. In researching I've pretty well confused myself and thought you may be able to help.
The features I believe I'd use the most are as follows, please advise me on if I'm informed correctly on the included features.
Navigation: I'd like to use GPS, I see this unit includes a antenna.  Are the maps downloaded into the unit or can I use my phone's internet data connection,  as a stand alone app on the head unit or mirrored from my phone. I dont wish for the head unit to have it's own 4g connection,  I'd rather not pay for the extra service.
Music: similar question as Nav, I use spotify
If both these features use my phone's data connection will my android phone use bluetooth to connect or usb?
Is there a direct wiring adapter from either the 98 jeep harness to the head unit or from the 98 jeep to the supplied ISO harness?
OBD2: must I buy the joying dongle? I already own another brand .
I'm sure I'll think of a few more questions as I go but I appreciate your time.

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