The coolest radio app for my Joying Head Unit
The built in FM radio is really bad in my Joying radio.
It works acceptable in the city, but on the high way or motor way it is unusable.

I tried so many DAB antennas with really bad apps and useless online radios to replace it, I can't count.

Fortunately I just found this online radio app on the play store.
Based on the description, it was created explicitly for Joying head units and I didn't see anything like it on the store.

Finally I am not tied to the built in FM radio and I can listen to cool stations from all around the world.

The guys respond very fast. I asked for a few channels they didn't have and they added them within 24 hours.

You can download the free version here, which gives you 5 stations per country to test.

[Image: ckDR8rfusO-G4cdWv9LhW7yRkKt_ULV7JQdCULho...20-h310-rw]

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The coolest radio app for my Joying Head Unit - Hunnenkoenig - 03-31-2020, 06:33 PM