JY-VQ131N4G 10inch Android 10 Microphone Issue
(11-04-2020, 02:36 PM)luckylukz Wrote:  I have the latest Android 10 headunit but the external microphone included with the unit does not work for Bluetooth phone calls.

I can hear the other person on the call clearly but they can never hear me.

I have removed the supplied external mic and tested with the internal mic and the other person can clearly hear me.

I tested the supplied external mic on a pc and it worked perfectly fine.

I even tried another external mic that I have which is of higher quality and still the other person could not hear me on call.

When the supplied external mic is connected I can still use Google assistant which picks up audio fine. I have also tried voice recorder apps which can record audio from the mic clearly.

I have turned of 'Hey Google' detection as of now becuse I read that this can cause some issue.

I am not using any 3.5mm extension for the mic and have ensured that it is fully plugged into the back of the unit.

Assistance required.

Please send the order number and the problem to our email support@joyingauto.com

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