Canbus Not working with 2020 Tacoma
(11-06-2020, 12:51 AM)koooltrini1 Wrote:  I need some help / advice. I bought the 9" Andriod 10 Joying Head unit model # JY-TQ160N4G. I installed it in my 2020 Toyota Tacoma, non JBL system. I got the harness for my model and a canbus box. The head unit works great without the canbus plugged in. I do not have steering wheel controls and the back up camera does not work. When I plugged in the canbus, the screen goes directly into reverse mode. I do not see any video, just lines. I have chosen all of the surjusted options in the canbus settings on the headunit, but still does not work. I have rebooted and tried making other settings. But as soon as I plug in the canbus it goes into reverse mode. I know on the harness the Orange cable that says BACK is the trigger wire for the camera, at least thats what I think. But when I checked the voltage on this wire, its a constant 12v, even when the car is off. I tried another canbus from Joying same PN# different model for Toyota, and it does the same thing. What am I doing wrong. I decided to cut the orange cable, just so that the reverse option does not trigger, but I still do not have steering wheel controls. Here is a video of my issue:

Please someone help me. I mainly need the backup camera to work, and I will love to have the steering wheel controls working. If I have to splice into the wires I don't care, just tell me how or point me in the right direction.
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