Problems about "Google log-in problem"
Quote:I had this Google account login issues, after contacting Joying they sent me a link to two changed files to copy onto their original firmware update. I updated with this new "firmware" and my Google account worked.

Then 2 days later (March 17th 2021) my Google account was compromised for the first time in 15 years. I only use that password for my Google account so I don't know how it was hacked but the audit logs say they just input my password.

They opened up a Google Adwords account and started selling fortnight ads, then attempted to get into my brokerage account, then logged into a dormant Etsy account and tried to do something with square before I caught on (40min total in my account). They were quickly deleting any account emails that came in so I wouldn't notice them.

I am highly suspicious of this new update to my head unit. The timing is spot on, and I haven't used my Google account anywhere other than my phone and this Joying unit.

I am very concerned now about the security of this device. I also don't understand the claim by Joying that "Google updated their servers" and that is what broke Google authentication.

I remember seeing the post with the files a few days ago and it seemed like a normal fix. However, it also seems quite normal that a bunch of Chinese people compromise your security and steal all of your data and information. I say this not as a racist American, which I most certainly am NOT, but as an American who has had Chinese people do exactly that which has happened to you!

I would take that device offline immediately, perform a hard reset (factory reset), and just create a random Google account to logon to that device. You can share any paid Google services (YouTube Music, YouTube Premium, etc...) and apps to that account as a family member to it can still enjoy them without fear of it being compromised as it contains no valuable information. You can also export your contacts from you primary account and import them into the secondary account so you still have that functionality as well.

I hope this helps, and good luck in recovering any losses you may have sustained.

You neighbor from the South,


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