Firmware to exchange to new interface doesn't works
I buyed a  JY-HQS02N4G-2 on the official store
Joying say to me:
"Hi dear friend, thanks for your order, But I am sorry to tell you that this new interface have not stock in EU warehouse"

I paid for this new interface but......

"Hi dear friend , we can send the old interface  to you from EU warehouse . if you didn't like that's interface , I can send you  a firmware to exchange to  new interface" like this

Ok I accept. BUT....
I received an very old interface the same at photo
[Image: old-interface.jpg]

When I turn on for the first time the unit starts at the moment like an used unit. but it's unit don't have the Settings button.....

Anyway I received this new interface

Contains this archives
[Image: archivos-joying.jpg]

I put the sd card with the archives into the unit....and doesn't works... "No comand" message
[Image: no-comand.png]

Can you help me please????

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