Joying 10.1 Head Unit
Want to buy a new Joying 10.1 Unit for my Toyota Hilux 2018 model.

I have asked several questions for Aliexpress guys but don't get proper feedback. So maybe someone can help me here.

I understand I can upgrade from 4 to 6 gig on the Ram for $40 (this I understand)
Whats is the maximum Rom that I can put in?
What is the maximum SD card that I can put in?
Can I add an SSD drive on USB and what is the maximum size?
Can I change the external TPMS for Internal sensors, or can I use my current Internal sensors for the TPMS?

Thank you will appreciate proper feedback.

Also, why is joying still include USB 2.0 the world standard for some time is USB 3.0 surely it can't be that much of an investment to change.

I see other manufactures have a pick list of items to upgrade and add which I think is a great idea.
They also have fast charging for example?

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