HW upgrade of Android Head Unit 5.1.1 2016 #EU-JY-VL130

Is there any upgrade kit (android board replacement) to extend the life of the 2016 model? I can do a bit soldering if need be.

The eshop id was #EU-JY-VL130 and the specs were:

Joying 2 DIN car audio 5.1 for VW.
Chipset RockChip rk3188 Hui Fei type
Model number 2818H-5.1 J0623 (1024x600 W)
ARM Cortex-A9 @ 1.6 GHz (4x) 1 GB RAM 1024x600

The unit was pretty under-powered already two years ago (slow storage, low on memory) and current software leads often to complete freeze of the unit (e.g. Waze). The alternative Malaysk ROM without Google Apps makes it at least a bit work, but it is sub-optimal (no Google Maps).