Microphone problem .
Hello everybody.

The quality of the microphone who comes with the radio is quiet poor .

So i wanted to change it by another one from a better quality.

I buyed one , i've tested it on my computer , works great .

I installed it into my car but it doesn't work .
The radio can't hear anything .

I don't know why .

And i noticed that the jack connector from the old one had 4 pin , the new one only 2 .
Is the problem can be caused by that ?

And over thing is i can't re-install the old one because i've broke the wires during desinstalling xD.

If i have to change it , where can i find a good replacement microphone ?
Did you tried to update version of the HU?
(11-26-2018, 05:30 PM)omrifd Wrote:  Did you tried to update version of the HU?

What do you mean by HU ?