SIM card not detected
(04-25-2019, 08:42 PM)Attilas Wrote:  Yes i do thé same. Disable pin from à smartphone i put it in unit and reboot. Joying should fix this

Did you correct the time zone and date and time? Or put everything automatic and connect to wifi? I'm sorry it didn't work for you. Maybe there is something wrong with your unit. Mine works now and very well. I had to reboot with the card in the slot. And also with the cut corner facing outwards, like on the image of the card holder.
Hello Saffi,

This is exactly the reason why these kind of forums are needed: sharing a solution that might be a help for many others. This info you provided about re-boot fixed my 4G connection immediately. Many thanks!

(04-25-2019, 12:57 PM)saffi Wrote:  It got solved for me today. Joying send me a manual stating that you have to set correct time zone and time. That was done automatically (all settings are on auto now) because I had Wifi connection. What solved it for me was to reboot the radio with the simcard in the slot. Then I got message that is was detected but locked. You have to put the sim card in a phone and disable the PIN. I then rebooted the radio again and it worked. Hope yours will work too with this.

!? I don't get it. What do you mean?

1st step is to unable the auto time zone and auto time?
2nd step is manually fill out the zone and time?
3rd step is reboot?

Here it doesn't work....

As far as i read it :

1. Make sure your Time and Time Zone (in your case that would be Netherlands) are set correctly, or set to automatic when you can connect to wifi/internet.
2. Make sure the SIM card has no PIN lock, which you can disable using a phone.
3. Reboot the radio with the PIN-less card already installed.
That should do the trick.
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I just struggled with this for 2 days. Finally caught the comment above about putting the card in the same way as the picture on the holder. Bingo! It backwards of any SIM I have ever installed before.
"I love it when a plan comes together"

There are still some issues but I'm quite happy with this radio. Let's hope they get the manual a bit up to speed and in the mean time this forum can help.
My SIM card problem is solved, the cable of the simcard was not plugged inside the unit...
Looks like Joying don't test their units before sending them...
[Image: joying.png]
*** EDIT ***

Received an email from support today.... they are shipping a new simcard cable.
To be continued

*** EDIT ***

here still it doesn't work at all...

Any help is appreciated!