Problem with pairing Bluetooth-OBD2 in UO135N4G
(04-27-2019, 11:56 AM)honkkis Wrote:  First, EU-JY-UO135N4G is generally speaking wonderful and high performance unit with its eight core Intel cpu and 4G. I use it as entertainment device in car, but also for running certain professional location based apps, replacing tablet and phone for that purpose.

However, I'm having issues connecting OBD2-device, I have set correct PIN in stock Bluetooth app, devices can be found and BT-app even gives notice about successful connection. When I try to use my OBD2 apps (Torque or DashCommand), they are unable to find paired OBD2 devices. I have tried my both OBD2 adapters (OBDLink MX and generic little blue ELM327 Mini) with phone and they work properly and bus data can be read. Problem can't be then in adapters or car. OBD-option is enabled in factory-menu. Bluetooth app shows "broken" link symbol even still that it gives notice about successful connection. I have tried all the voodoo like rebooting head unit etc.

I have downloaded and installed newest publicly available firmware (2019-4-3) from Joying site. I'm not having issues with File manager popping up Smile My order number is #000001776.

sorry, we have not found your order number. maybe your order number is wrong.
Please check by yourself

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