Problem with pairing Bluetooth-OBD2 in UO135N4G
I'm having similar issues with my new JY-VO131N4 with the latest firmware (2019-4-3), I have an OBDEleven dongle with which I want to connect using the OBDEleven_app (

The app cannot connect to the device, I can see the OBD device in the Bluetooth pairing but again shows only a broken link.  The app tells me that it needs to turn on the bluetooth to connect, which I give it permission. Then it just waits for a long time trying to connect.

I have connected OK to the OBDEleven dongle using my phone, and it works perfectly, so I know that these work ok.

Please help fix this issue, the head unit has been really good bar a few tweaks and quibbles.

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RE: Problem with pairing Bluetooth-OBD2 in UO135N4G - joshxs - 05-07-2019, 08:04 AM