Problem with pairing Bluetooth-OBD2 in UO135N4G
(05-07-2019, 09:18 AM)admin Wrote:  
(05-07-2019, 08:04 AM)joshxs Wrote:  I'm having similar issues with my new JY-VO131N4 with the latest firmware (2019-4-3), I have an OBDEleven dongle with which I want to connect using the OBDEleven_app (

The app cannot connect to the device, I can see the OBD device in the Bluetooth pairing but again shows only a broken link.  The app tells me that it needs to turn on the bluetooth to connect, which I give it permission. Then it just waits for a long time trying to connect.

I have connected OK to the OBD leven dongle using my phone, and it works perfectly, so I know that these work ok.

Please help fix this issue, the head unit has been really good bar a few tweaks and quibbles.

May I know whether the OBD2 purchased from Joying?
Our head unit is only compatible with ELM327 OBD2.

Or do you mean that the OBD2 can be workable before update?

No, it was purchased from OBDEleven, as the joying unit does not have all the features that I need.

 I don't see why it couldn't work - the app installs and runs fine, I think the issue is in how the bluetooth connects.  The headunit looks like it only wants to add a phone, is there a way you can unlock the settings and allow all bluetooth devices to work?  This would be also great to add a wireless keyboard etc.


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