No power when reverse gear is on. (Skoda Rapid 2017 ) JY-VM130N2
Good day. I wanted to install a rearview camera. My car Skoda Rapid 2017.

The manual says that if the camera is installed, you must connect the orange wire.
But in this case, joying goes into camera mode and is there permanently, no matter what gear is on and which way the car is traveling.
I checked, on the orange wire from the joying side there is no 12v power supply.
On the orange wire from the canbus side, there is always a 12v power supply when canbus is working.

In this case, canbus understands when the doors are open, the trunk, reads technical information (mileage, etc.). That is, canbus works.

In the instructions for vw (canbus)
It is shown that the power of the camera must be taken from the wire (Power CCD 12v).

I also noticed that the power to (Power CCD 12v) appears when my orange wires are connected.
Why canbus gives power to the orange wire always?

[Image: IMG-20190511-192558.jpg]
[Image: IMG-20190511-192626.jpg]
[Image: IMG-20190511-192635.jpg]
[Image: IMG-20190511-192737.jpg]

This how it work fir me:
The orange (Back) wire is an input and not an output.
So this wire should be trigered by 12V to switch in reverse camera mode.

I think there is 2 Way to triger:
1) your Canbus decoder have a special wire for this. It mean it detect reverse gear by canbus.
2) you need to find the reverse wire from your car, You may need Wiring diagram to find it.

What is your model ?