10.1 inch android car head unit installed in Skoda Octavia 2010
10.1 inch vw car head unit installed in Skoda Octavia 2010
It can plug and play.

Here is the link for your purchasing:https://www.joyingauto.com/catalogsearch/result//?q=VO132N4GS

Any more questions, please let us know support@joyingingauto.com
The unit above is the unit I have in my car.

In short: An excellent functioning unit with good audio and a really fabulous screen.

Building the unit into the car: This unit has a 1-din form factor instead of a 2-din form factor. It comes with a 2-Din faceplate. My Skoda Octavia has a 2-Din build factor, but with the previous 2-Din units, building the units into the car is a delicate question. That is not due to the Joying, but due to the fact that most European/Japanese cars are more "compact" inside their dashboards. With this 1-Din version it is very easy to build it into the car with enough space for wires and harness. Build instructions are very simple and it is really plug & play.

Using the unit:
This unit has a 10.1" screen having excellent brilliance, probably an IPS-screen.
Being my third Joying unit I can say that the units get better over the years. The screen reacts instantly on taps or swipes. The unit is very snappy and never slow, maybe also due to the 4GB memory (previous ones had 2GB). All applications work very fine. And as it is an Android device, you can almost install any application from the Play Store, apart from the "hardware apps" like the radio app and the Bluetooth app.
This radio app and bluetooth apps can still be improved: The radio does not support RDS-AF (Alternate Frequency. Used in Europe and which auto-selects a stronger signal for the same radio station when driving from one region to another). The radio has good reception. No hissing or noise (for me).
The Bluetooth app only lets you connect a limited number of supported devices.  Phone calls using the unit over bluetooth with the phone works good, although at higher speeds, background noise is becoming troublesome. Using the Google Assistant with the unit (OK Google; Call <some contact>) has worked excellent for one week and now it suddenly does not work anymore. These are still some bugs that need to be worked on. Now I need to tap a button, select a contact and then callings works well, but simply telling the unit to call someone is much better and should be fixed. (Joying asked me to set the unit back to factory defaults, but that is not something you want to do regularly. Having installed many 3rd party apps as well as 11GB music and 6GB offline navigation maps, is realy time consuming and not something I want to repeat regularly)
GPS works excellent in the 2 navigation apps I use.
The 16-band equalizer gives you a lot of options to fine-tune your audio, but in practice I have it almost neutral in all bands.
The screen has "buttons" on the left side of the screen. My previous units had real hardware buttons next to the screen. The buttons on this unit work fine but sometimes need a second "tap". The hardware buttons on the previous units always functioned. It is a minor detail, but not an improvement over previous units.
In previous models the temperature of the unit could go up above 90 °C which is not good for the lifetime of the unit. Now with two longer drives over 50 minutes, the temperature did not get above 75 °C. Still on the high side but acceptable. I still need to see how that develops on longer trips.
This unit also has a 4G unit for internet access, but I don't use that. I share the hotspot from my phone to the unit and that works fine as well.
Other things (currently -> Oct. 2019) to improve on: The Settings app has for most screens black letters on a very dark-grey background. That is very hard to read.

There are still things to be improved, but in general I'm very happy with the unit.

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