Small Control Lights
(10-23-2019, 09:08 AM)sollner11 Wrote:  hi, i have a EU-JY-UOS01N4GS
and not this menu!
i can change only 7 colors,
but i want "always on" but darker or dimm, possible?

>>  general/Backlight control   ("small light controll" on/off, on = Time control, off = out)
where is "allways on"?

>> general/Lantern Settings
only 7 colors possible, no dim no adjust
where can i dimm

a) There is no always on. Either it works on the "time of day" with sunset/sunrise, or it works on the headlights: If you switch on the head lights, the leds will go on.
One big remark: Despite all cables correctly connected, for me the setting where you switch the headlights on, does not work.On my Joying PX5 it did work, with my new JY-VO132N4GS that does not work. I guess it is a bug in the software. I have already had several mail exchanges with Joying.

b) Only 7 colors? It means that you are on too old firmware. The multi-color color wheel was introduced in one of the later firmwares. If you want this you have to upgrade to the latest 17-09-2019 firmware version. See the Joying blog.
It is not possible to dim the leds.

(10-31-2019, 05:45 PM)Jetpilot Wrote:  I have now tried all advise, still not able to change the small control lights, please help.

Did you really first reset the setting with the white ellipsoide button?
Yes, i have followed all video instructions, the seller from ebay gave me an update file, the lights come on at boot up and switch off as soon as it goes to home page.

How can this be so so difficult!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!