Top and bottom of touch screen stopped working
I didn't drive my car for a few days, and when I started it, the radio rebooted, and seemed to do a factory reset. It took a long time. When it was done, The very top, and the very bottom of my touchscreen don't respond anymore. I also have no onscreen keyboard anymore. I did a firmware update from Android 5.1.1 to 6.0.1, but it has not fixed the problem. Maybe I have a broken MCU firmware? is there any way to re-flash that?

I don't know where to find the model number. It's Atom QuadCore, 2Gb ram 1024 x 600.

This was from before I updated:
Here is the system info from after the update.
You can see that the OS updated, but the MCU did not.

I can use a mouse to click the things at the top and bottom, but finger touches only work in the middle of the screen.

The On-Screen keyboard never comes up. I have to use a USB keyboard for everything.
I also emailed this problem to Joying. They asked for a video of it, and they asked if my Stereo works with a mouse.
It works correctly with a USB mouse. It works correctly with a USB Keyboard.