conexion diagram please
Hello !
Can someone please explain to me what are the outputs that I mark in the photo?
I'm going to put in an alfa romeo 159 (canbus)
I want to know what these outputs are for, if I can use them to have the maximum extras activated.

is 9" universal 4gb 64gb

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Good question!
That is, i like to know as well.
it,s the cables to connect canbus.
Joying JY-VO132N4GS -> DSP A8 WAVEFLEX -> Amp MCINTOSH MC440M + MC443M
More explanation please. I already assumed that.

If I connect that cale to the cam bus of my car, I no longer have to use an external canbus module?
The seller says that I have to use a canbus module for my canbus car. why ?

where are you going. CAN OUT
where are you going. CAN IN
what is it for . IR