Joying EU-JY-UOS01N4GS in Jeep WJ
Hello everyone,

I installed the above mentioned unit into my Jeep that has a stock Infinity Amplifier.

I have used a Jeep Harness and Spliced it onto the Joying Harness, and the radio operates correctly, sends sounds to all 8 speakers correctly, albeit with severe static.

If I turn off the AMP setting in menu, all sound (including static) disappears.

I have spliced the brown AMP CONT wird into the Jeeps Blue AMP trigger wire.

Have gone through all other wires, and everything is set up correctly.

Please can someone advise me where I went wrong?
connect the blue wire unit to your blue wire amplifier.
i did this on my installation.
Joying JY-VO132N4GS -> DSP A8 WAVEFLEX -> Amp MCINTOSH MC440M + MC443M