Chrysler 300C fitted with Joying JY-OU135N4G
Fitting a Joying headunit in Chrysler 300C 2009 with a Boston Acoustic sound system including factory amp will take some work, but can be done.

(edit: Joying has a specific model for Chrysler but I'm not sure if it works with the oem boston acoustic factory amp. The form factor looks good for an easy installation.)

To begin with, the Chrysler 300C factory amp needs a module to send the right canbus signals for amp to turn on/off, balance etc according to your headunit actions. The same module will take care of the messaging between steering wheel buttons and headunit. Things can be easy if you use a module and harness with an ISO connector that fits with Joying ISO harness. Some wires you always need to connect manually though - KEY1 & 2, reverse, amp cont, gnd etc. The headunit and harnesses will have instructions for this.

TIP : if you use the standard ISO wiring with speakers, with some harnesses you will end up with no "front" speaker sound and thus no bluetooth audio in phone calls. This is because the Chrysler factory amp takes only stereo input and in my harness this was taken from the Joying rear speaker outputs. One way is to switch e.g. front-left and rear-left wires (in my case cross the greens with whites) so stereo left comes from front-left and stereo right comes from rear-right. This way you get all the audio and even can generate some nice surround effects.

I use the Connects2 CTSCH00C with multilead as it works well, and has options for both types of connectors used in 300C. With Connects2 you lose the front-back fader functionality as this is controlled by canbus and not by speaker outputs. Axxess Metra modules retain fader and uses all speaker outputs for better surround, but cannot be used in my case because the module makes a pause in the audio every 10 seconds (have tried with two different Metra modules).

The Chrysler connector used with the harness is the one on drivers side out of the three going into MyGig. The other two connectors are not used for anything even though the are connected to the MyGig.

Additionally you will need to route some wires for the Joying antennas and mic around the dash. The antenna connector will need a Fakra to DIN adapter. Should you install the backup reversing camera, this needs to be wired manually, but the thin wire can be hidden in various panels below doors etc. The camera will need power and you can get it from the reverse rear light connector.

The Double DIN headunits like  JY-OU135N4G are quite big in size, so you need to make some extra space in the dash plastic structures in the stereo compartment. I have used multitool to cut plastic from here and there. Eventually it will fit, but you will need an additional dash kit because the original MyGig is wider than standard double din. I used the METRA 95-6511 but check the specifics on your car. Again, the dash kit will take a lot of sanding and tweaking to fit perfectly with dash and Joying structures.

Finally, when all is put together, in Joying settings remember to turn the amp on from Device -> Sound, so the factory amp is turned on with headunit.

And there you go! Here are two pictures:

In the making

[Image: IMG-5095.jpg]

Done, Joying with Nova Launcher

[Image: IMG-5106.jpg]