Request: Open Source Music, Radio, and Other Common Applications
I'm a typical 2010 Rav4 User.  Lately I've upgraded from the very old 4.4.2 kitkat system to the newer Intel Airmont 8.1.0 systems.  I'n finding the basic app are ok and would like to tweak the UI to be a bit more screen friendly and fix some obvious bugs (On my system ALL app feel like they have overscan on).

Can you provide the github link or something to these?
Come on Joying.

Let us have the ability to customize the layout and ui experience for these apps.  
- Radio (let us have scrolling text, custom ui's and backgrounds/animations)
- MP3 Player (let us have scrolling text, two lines for song titles, or file name back fall, simpler way to playlist)
- SWC Control (long press)
- Equalizer (or whatever the thing is called that lets you controls the levels/bass/etc)

As it is right now, these apps are only slightly better than the dumb radios I had before touchscreens existed where text is all scrunched up and the background looks like a weird ripoff of the blue iphone era (v2 or 3)

Think about it:
- Free devs build on what you have, to make it better.
- Customers stop asking  YOU for software changes, and can just go file an issue in github or submit a pull request.
- You can focus on taking market share from Pioneer/JBL or whomever.

Everyone wins.

(to anyone else reading this, any +1's would be appreciated)
This is interesting and engaging. If you love music and ringtone at , I can recommend a few other great things