UO138N4GS-H (1280x720) Update
Hi All,
I am starting this thread, to have a full picture of the threads related to the model UO138N4GS-H. ( 8 inch 1280x720p Double DIN, CPU>  Intel Airmont 1.8GHZ 8 core, RAM 4Gb, Rom 64 Gb storage)
Please post here only if you have the model UO138N4GS-H[Image: view?usp=sharing]

I will addresses the following issues that i have found over the last couple of days. @Joying Team please reply as this is really important.

1. The main issue I have found is that the FONT SIZE is too small on the screen. I did not find any settings to change this. The Font size setting should have been under > device's Settings > Accessibility > Font size (but the setting is not there as some of the android settings have been removed )
2. The MCU panel keys have a small touch area. I have re-learned the panel a couple of times but still while driving sometimes the panel does not respond and that is due to the fact that i cannot press the exact location. PLEASE adjust the MCU panel size.
3. [Update_6 June_2020]_During the previous weekend i have done a 6H journey and in this time i have used the split screen function with Waze on left and a music player on the right. During this whole time the car's AC was on and also i have monitored the Joying CPU temperature using CPU Temp. while using it in split screen the CPU has a constant 78°C - 80°C (172-177°F), while in Idle , no split screen, the CPU did not drop lower than 64°C (147°F). Is this CPU temp normal?
good afternoon
i have the same problem with font size.
did you manage to solve the magnitude
thank you