Probably did not have to do a level 3 fire cape every time
Edit - I misremembered, Xzact didn't get a lvl 3 fire cape, but didn't have to RS gold use a lvl 3 flame cape acc for each effort since he desired protection prayers to the inferno anyways.He uses shield prayer in inferno correct? Probably did not have to do a level 3 fire cape every time.Oh shit you're right he does utilize shield prayers. Fight caves is dull and expensive with it however.

It's impressive but its cape with food, no columns, potions or armor. Weapons & plead flicking only.Woox himself said he won't attempt Lvl 3 firecape since it is less of a challenge. Level 3 flame cape is pops and tick manipulations for more than 100+ hours. Abilities are taken by inferno pray flicking since you ca snare mobs and use runescape mechanisms to wear them down. You have to actively combat & can basically never earn a pray flick mistake while often flicking for minutes on end.

Rendi needed to multi flick only at the beginning of waves until he managed to receive them trapped. I would say Rendi multi pray flicked less across the whole 100+ hour travel than Woox did in just a couple of high level Inferno waves.The sole reason folks do not tak about Woox's absolutely insane Infero run is since he didn't advertise it. Rendi was on a several year challenge and entertainment travel so he had a viewer base.

He seldom ever talks about RuneScape

Rendi made a deal about every step along the journey. 1 day, Woox simply simply.... Did it and uploaded lol. He rarely ever talks about it even if his chat is currently pressuring him . Just like a god, he just does the things then retreats to await the next toughest challenge and he is always the first to CRUSH it. All hail god king Woox.

Bro where are you seeing this run? He has had armor on every obstacle attempt completed.Rendi didnt prayer flick in any way. You see when you are lvl 3 you dont possess prayers. Rendi revealed his game knowledge and wonderful wave direction to get the Cape. Both take absurd quantities of skill.My bad. Tick eating. The concept is the same where one tick that is wrong equals departure.

It's a monumental achievement that requires skill, game knowledge, persistence and insane RNG. However, when we had to select one of both achievements as the tougher achievement, Woox's inferno is still hands down tougher. All fight cave waves are on a set rotation and also you can check the spinning beforehandI dont believe thats the case however. Both require another sort of skill in my opinion I dont think one is better than another. But if you wanted to disagreement for the sake of debating anyone may hypothetically learn how to prayer flick that nicely whereas noone will ever find the ring of suffering exploit like rendi did to cheap OSRS gold be able to leap off tutorial island and receive a flame cape.