Aerial locations!
Hi guys,

I'm new to the forums. So go easy Wink

Hope everyones good. I'm installing the stereo tomorrow in my BMW e46 2004 and couldnt find any solid information on where to mount the various aerials.

Some aerials apparantly like to be mounted outside the car, some like to be mounted to the glass windscreen, others seem to like to be mounted to a grounded metal panel etc. Very confusing. I didnt find the manual to be very inclusive of where to install the various aerials and wonder whether anyone could advise on the best place to install the following aerials that came with it

4G DIV                       - No idea?
4G PRI                       - No idea?
GPS Aerial                 - Was planning on installing
DAB+ Aerial               - This was an optional extra, was planning on running this to the glove box.
FM Aerial                   -  Was planning on using the cars OEM aerial
External microphone - Was thinking of mounting this at the center headliner above the rear view mirror

Any info would be handy to get the optimal receptions from the aerials.

Are there any joying updates or optional joying packages that you guys suggest when firing up after the first time?

Let me know if you need any more info chaps.