Vw Fender Audio
I have a 2017 vw jetta gli, and am having problems getting any sound at all. I believe the factory fender amp turns on via canbus. Will I need a completely new canbus for this to work? Can a canbus software version be flashed or updated? Everything works, including factory camera, but there is no sound in anything at all.
Ni Nab, I just installed a JY-VQ131N4GN into my 2014 Passat w/Fender audio and had the same problem. Make sure you turn select "amp on" in the settings. The fender amp take hi level input and converts it in the DSP located in the fender amp

On another note, my rear speakers are barely audible and are complete silent when fade is all the way to the rear. I think this might be the Fender DSP issue. If you get yours to work, please let me know if you experience the same issue.

Hope this helps!
Finally got it working! needed a new canbus and to plug my amp-cont wire to the canbus harness as it was not connected to anything. havent really played around with eq settings, but it sounds great from what i can tell. only problem now is that when i turn the car off, the headunit still has power via acc, but the amp powers off after about a minute.