BMW E53 Steering wheel controls

I just installed a JY-UQS11N4G unit in my 2005 BMW X5 (e53). I installed the unit using the "Joying BMW E39 E53 Special Harness with Can-bus Decoder", but I'm having difficulties getting the steering wheel buttons to work. From the setting to choose the make and model of car, I only found 1 option for BMW x5, which was:

CAN Box Type: RZC
Car Brand: BMW
Car Model: X5
CAN Box: 1999-2006

When I go to the Steering wheel controls app, I'm not able to assign any buttons. I do see some response when I press the steering wheel buttons, as some of the numbers on the top of the screen flash with the button presses, but clicking the assignment buttons on the joying screen does nothing.

Have I chosen the correct vehicle in the settings for the "Joying BMW E39 E53 Special Harness with Can-bus Decoder"? Is there anything I can check to see why the steering wheel controls don't work?
I do have some additional information that might help figure out why my steering wheel controls don't work. I have found that the Joying head unit does respond to the car being put in reverse. It brings up the reversing radar view. The only way the headunit would be able to know that the car is in reverse is through the canbus, so I believe that the can bus connection is working correctly, it's just not understanding the commands from the steering wheel buttons.

Does anyone have any advice of other troubleshooting I might do?
I found my answer on this page:

I needed to connect the CAN Out wire to the IR wire, and my steering wheel controls work now!