Issues With New Joying JY-VQ131N4GN Unit
Hi all, I just installed a JY-VQ131N4GN Android 10 unit with newest firmware shipped into my '14 VW Passat with Fender Audio. Here are some of the issues I am running into and hope other people that may have experienced/solved these problems can help. I purchased the Can bus option for my vehicle and it was supposed to be plug and play.

1. Rear speaker output is very low for all output types (radio, android auto, BT audio, etc.). When fader setting is moved all the way to the rear, I get no sound at all from the rears. I don't know if this is due to the headunit or the Fender DSP located in the car's amp. I messed with the volume balance in the factory menu but I don't notice a difference. I ordered a 12v bench tester and will test the speaker outs directly from the headunit soon.

2. The Joying supplied BT Music app/shortcut sends you to the BT phone app when used in a launcher. Sometimes it does this even when using the native launcher/UI.

3. I am unable to set custom steering wheel control buttons within the unit. It says to "hold down button to learn" or something like that but when I hit any button it just does what the original button normally does (I am trying to change the phone button on the steering wheel to play/pause).

4. Hand brake sensor is backwards, when the handbrake is off, the headunit says it is activated and vice versa.

5. The unit won't switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit even after changing it in the setting menu. However, car launcher pro does allow switching to Fahrenheit but the top of the screen still reads Celsius regardless.

6. Stock back up camera is not working even when using a scoche vehicle specific adaptor (this may be passat specific).

Any help with any of these items would be awesome! Love the unit so far but the fader issue is a big issue for me, I can live with the rest of the issues.