Joying head unit issues
Hey all, first time posting here so please let me know if this isn't the right place. I bought a Joying head unit, and so far it's awesome. I haven't installed it yet but I have been testing it with a DC supply since my engineering school has lots of tools for that kind of stuff.
In the android home screen, everything works awesome. It's smooth, customizable, and is filled with features. It has the CarLink app for Apple Carplay, which is the main reason for buying the headunit, and that unfortunately seems to be the weakest link. The FPS is low, and not smooth at all like I've seen in the videos for Joying head units. This supports wireless carplay, and it's the same performance wired or wireless.

Here's a video showing what's happening:

The lag is also very noticeable when I call Siri, since the bubble that pops up is SUPER choppy and awful to look at. Can anyone tell me if there's a way to fix this? My specific model is the JY-UQB09N4G-H.

On a sidenote, this isn't as important but it's still annoying, but WiFi is off every time I reboot the head unit, even though I turned on the option for turning wifi on after boot in the wifi settings. I'm currently using home wifi to get this thing setup. Is this not an issue if I fast boot in my car when the +12V line is always powered?

Additionally, I see lines going across the screen jumping up and down. They're really faint, but noticeable. Can anyone explain why that could be happening?