JY-VQ131N4GN multiple issues
Hello, I'm having a few issues with my new JY-VQ131N4G.

1) Under BT, I cannot see available paired devices, so I can't really change to a different phone if I wanted to.

2) Steering wheel control seems hit and miss, forward button = reverse track, and reverse button = forward track.  The learning function under "Factory" doesn't seem to learn anything.

3) When I receive or placing a call, the MFD doesn't show the call information, and the steering wheel control cannot control any call function.

Any advice?
The steering wheel Buttons by the VW cars are coded my the CanBus so the radio can not learn new functions because of the canbusdecoder. Offer Steeringswheel-buttons by Honda or other brands are not coded with the canbus rather with resistens and the signal from the Buttons can be repleace with the Software to ohter functions.

The chinese decoder doer miss the right buttons for reverse track an forward track. So you have to life with this problem. same by the receiving of a Call. Sorry my english is not the best. Hope you follow my instructions.