recenty installed - no android auto plus basic questions
Hello to Joying user forums, I'm hopeful to receive some recommendations...

I recently installed JY-UQ135N4G - Joying Latest 7 Inch Double Din Android 10.0 Car Navigation System Built-In DSP - purchase date: April 5 2021.

I really wanted a physical volume knob, which this unit has along with a vertical row of control buttons. My vehicle is a 20 yr old landcruiser that does not have any steering wheel controls. And I am hoping to be able to install Gaia GPS (or other offline GPS enabled map nav program) but we'll get to that...

First up is android Auto - it does not initiate from usb connection or bluetooth (BT) I am limited to BT music only and radio...pretty underwhelming so far. I can find Auto in the apps folder but cannot manipulate or seem to be able to make any changes...My phone is a Galaxy S9 running android 10, so i do not expect wireless android auto, but do expect usb android auto. The phone has successfully paired to the joying using BT, but does not appear as a file or external device when connected to the USB, I do get charge power from both of the USB cables so they are connected to the head unit.

As an aside, I am unable to login to my google account on the head this mandatory prior to using android Auto?

That brings me to how to make changes to the head unit system, I am able to connect to my home wifi with a strong signal, am I able to connect to the system interface using its 192.168.x.x IP address? I am hoping i do not have to have a winx machine to initiate software updates(along with micro sd card), as I do not have either in the house.

finally, am I able to add additional apps like Gaia GPS or other android friendly apps?

Thank you for your help!