Yet another infuriating power/standby issue
So i just received my new 11.6" double-din unit (JY-UQD11N4G) with the 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage and I was so excited. This unit has a ton of promise and would resolve the issue I have of needing three phones mounted in my car at the same time for work/play. Not to mention the built-in DSP and optical output allowing me to eliminate all EMI and run only a single cable (look for a future post when this install is complete).

I've had the stock head unit in the car since I bought it new, but I've replaced all six speakers, added a sub, installed a five channel amp to power it all and it's been great for the past 13 years. This unit is being installed in my 2008 Nissan Versa, so I purchased the additional Nissan harness to ease installation. Quite simply, it should have been plug and play. NO SUCH LUCK!

Without mentioning all of the other little issues I'm having with the unit and why it desperately needs a detailed manual explaining all functions in the settings, the issue at hand is that it will not go into standby or power off when the car is turned off. I can pull down the notification shade and put it into "standby" mode which, as far as I can tell, is just a black screen with a clock. So leaving it in this pseudo standby mode will not only drain the battery from the head unit, but it leaves the amp on as well. And somehow in this fubar'd scenario, the cigarette lighter, which is an ACC switched device and not controlled by a CANBUS or, obviously, the headunit, still powered on with the car turned off.  This is obviously an untenable situation.

The real kicker here is that I have pulled the switched ACC fuse for the radio and the thing is STILL ON! I'm fairly certain the pinout of the Joying provided Nissan harness is incorrect. I believe the ACC (red) and the BATT (yellow) are reversed. Every head unit I have ever installed used red for 12V+ and yellow for memory or battery backup. This would explain why removing the fuse would not turn off the unit. I could rewire the yellow to the red and just remove the ACC input altogether. This would force the unit power off, but defeats the purpose of having purchased the Nissan harness in the first place.

I've been installing car audio equipment for myself, friends, and family since I was 15 so I've got a fair bit of experience at this, so I can say with a good bit of certainty that the unit is not recognizing the ACC signal.

What is going on here and what is Joying going to do to fix it?
*****  UPDATE  *****

I did discover something new tonight that I could repeat several times so I know it was not a fluke. The first time it was, but each time thereafter it's a workaround. It's far easier to do this than pull the 20A fuse under the hood, but not as easy as turning the key!

With my car on and the head unit at the home screen I did the following:

1.  Pull down the notification shade from the top of the screen
2.  Tap blank screen / screen off
3.  Turn my car off

At this point my head unit has turned off every time. So I know the unit sees the presence and absence of the ACC voltage and what we have here is a software issue.

Now if only someone was listening.  Cool