JY-UQD11N4G - OBD II adaptor
I've bought this wonderfull head unit with it's high resolution (1920*1080) together with a OBD II adapter from the same website to be sure that these two things work together without any problems.

Obviosly this is not the case.
I think I could manage to connect the OBD II adapter in the bluetooth menu but it doesn't work with the very well known app Torque/OBD check.
The adaptor status of this app says the following:
- connention to the adaptor: YES
- connection to the ECU: NO

Using my smartphone (Galaxy S 20) I also have a connetion to the ECU and the app works as expected. That indicates, that the OBD II adaptor is working well. Of course, I disconnetct the adaptor from my samrt phone and I deactivate BT from my smart phone while trying to connect wtith dhe Joaing HD.

How can I manage to get the adaptor to work with the Joying head unit, as well?

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