JY-UQD11N4G - DAB+ adaptor not working
I also have a problem with the DAB+ adapter together with the 1920*1080 Joying head unit.

This time I didn't by the DAB+ adapter together with the head unit as I thought, I could also use the one that worked with my previous head unit from Pumpkin. This is obviously not the case an I figured out that the website says the adapter only works with Pumpkin head units. So, I decided to buy another adapter, similar to the one mentioned on the website, where I also purchased the head unit. I didn't order it at the same website, as I wanted to avoid the long shipping time but the specs seem to be identically.

Sadly, this adapter also doesn't work. For me it looks like the adapter is recognized but when I start a scan for the radio stations, there is not even one found at the end. I tested all the different apps that were shipped together with the adapter and I also tested numerous other apps from the play store. Every time the same result, connection seems to be ok but the station list is empty after a scan.

I use the DAB+ antenna from my car (Fiat Ducato from 2021, connected by a SMA to FAKRA cable adapter) that worked ok with my previous head unit from Pumpkin and I also tested the little antenna for the wind screen. Nothing worked.

Please, is anyone able to tell me, how I should proceed to get the DAB+ adapter working?

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