Replacement LCD for US-JY-UO135N4GS
Hi All,

My HU has had this issue for some time where there are red artifacts and most of black color is missing. It seemed to come and go and other than being annoying, everything works fine and unit is perfectly usable for navigation. I mostly use it for music and it works great for that. I just didn't want to send it for service and be without HU for a while. Anyway, the problem has gotten worse now and at this point it is about a month out of warranty. I was wondering if this could be a bad panel (most likely LCD controller) or system board? Are any parts available for purchase or are generic enough that they can be purchased? I haven't bothered opening mine up and probably will soon once I purchase a new HU (most likely new Joying 10.1" model) and this one will go in my other car and I might consider repairing it if that's even possible. Other than LCD artifacts, it works great and I don't really have any concerns or anything massively wrong with it, at least it server my main purposes well. Anyway, any input is appreciated!