SWC settings range adjustment possible?
I'm using the 8GB/128GB single-DIN 11.6" octa-core unit.

I love the option of using the steering wheel controls - this is much better than having buttons on the unit and makes for a very clean-looking installation.

The problem I'm having is that since my SWC buttons are resistance-based, the programmed functions seem to get jumbled as a result of temperature changes in the environment, so I'm looking for ideas for how to work around this. I think that what's happening is that as the buttons get colder or warmer, the actual resistance values read by the unit are changing, and as a result, sometimes the seek buttons will end up adjusting the volume or vice versa. I can reprogram them on the fly, and it works great again until the temperature goes back up and then it's back to reprogramming it again.

Has anyone tried adding a resistor in-line with the SWC sensing wire? My thinking is that maybe this will widen the delta between sensed values enough that it will work better and not need to be reprogrammed so often. I'd love to hear other ideas, though.