JY-UQD10N4G-GT Some Settings Being Forgotten
Hello, Wondering if anyone can help.

I am having some issues with the 10.1 inch Snapdragon 4gb/64gb JY-UQD10N4G-GT:

1- I have to turn on wifi every time I start the car. I have turned on the setting to automatically start wifi but that doesn’t seem to make a difference.
2- Every time I turn the car on the time and date have changed.
3- The steering wheel controls work but then stop working and have to be reprogrammed a lot. Some times every few minutes. I am not currently using a canbus decoder, could this be the reason? I have seen other people say the resistance can change depending on heat, etc and may change the setting.
4- When I start the car it it automatically opens the screen where you close apps (when you press the square button). Is there a way to start where it was when you turned off the car. The way it is you have to select the last app you used and restart the whole process over again. For example Amazon Music. Instead of turning on the car and your amazon music comes up on the screen you have to select Amazon Music then select the playlist all over again and find the song where you left off.

The head unit keeps some settings such as EQ, apps, but not all settings.

When this unit is set up it works GREAT but if you have to spend 10 minutes every time you get in the car to set it up before you start driving it is useless.

I have recently purchased the same SKU/Model as you the 10.1 inch Snapdragon 4gb/64gb JY-UQD10N4G-GT, I just wanted to confirm some things also for you.

1 - My WiFi also turns itself off when the remove the key from the car, I'll be using a 4G simcard so won't be an issue for me personally but I agree it should remain activated. My old Pumpkin unit used to remain activated, so guessing it's a software bug?

2 - When test fitting my headunit, I didn't pay attention to the clock/date so can't comment but will look for this next time I plug the unit in.

3 - I'm also having Steering Wheel Control issues, I have purchased a proper wiring harness with a Canbus decoder. The Canbus decoder is working as the screen flickers when I press a button but its that fast the headunit unregisters the button click or scroll if that makes sense? One button is working as intended and correctly mapped so I know it is functioning. The volume up on the scroll wheel is mapped but I have to spin it soo fast to make it go up one in volume -.- Any chance we can add a delay to mapping once it's detected a input? Or can we manually type the 4 or 5 digit code in for whatever function we would like to map to button to?

4 - The square tab is known as "Recent Apps". I can confirm mine doesn't do this and fast boots back into the last app I had opened if I remember from yesterday. My old Pumpkin unit used to continue where it left off, playing music instantly when turned back on. So guessing this is also another software bug?

I disable the sound click when you touch the screen, mine keeps re-enabling mine. Like you said, it keeps forgetting settings.

I also agree this headunit is great, major upgrade to my old one but definitely needs some software update alterations to be 100%. I would even accept 90% functionality haha.

Looking forward to Joying's reply or other users input  Smile

I made some tweaks and issues #1, #2 and #3 seems to be working better:

#1 - I turned off the "Auto Hotspot" in the Factory Settings/Other screen. Seems to have fixed the issue. Every time I start my car now it takes 20-30 secs to reconnect but does it automatically now.

#2 - changed settings to Network date and time and selected proper region.

#3 - changed the "Steering Wheel Key Resistance" to 1K. I have used my vehicle around 10 times now and seems to be holding. Haven't had to re-program yet.

Still no change for #4 which is frustrating. I'm sure its in the launcher (Car Launcher Pro) setting somewhere as I have been finding settings such as "Run the last running application" "the third party applications will open automatically after you turn on the device" and "Start music when Car Launcher starts" options "at startup" or "when the internet appears". Also there is a an option for "Car Launcher always in the foreground after launch" but when I use this option it seems to open a previous app then the car launcher opens again over it.

I am going to test it on the stock launcher in the next couple days when I get time and keep playing with the settings.
Ah nice to hear you've sorted some issues out and alongside the suggested fixes.

1 - My old Pumpkin headunit took about 20-30 seconds to auto-reconnect so nothing unusual there. I'll have to switch off the Hotspot as I'll never use that feature myself. Nice spot!

2 - I didn't investigate this last time but good to know its working fine.

3 - I did try all three resistance settings, 1K, 10K and 100K. I believe I didn't have the canbus setup to the correct setting in the Factory settings. I've read a forum and saw a photo showing what to set it to so going to try that.

4 - Might be a problem with the 3rd Party Launcher then. I'm using the Joying Stock Launcher and will be sticking with this one, so I won't be able to assist on this one then.

I'm a travelling work and left it out of my car for the moment for this week. I return home on Thursday so will attempt to get steering wheel controls to work again then.

I can't wait to actually have it fully installed now ?